Mango Salsa – Sweet, Hot, Tangy, Fresh & Beautiful. The light sweetness from the mangoes, heat from the jalapeno, crunch from bell peppers & onions make this Salsa just perfect. Lime adds a little tanginess to balance the flavours. Serve it as a salad or as a dip for chips.

Mango salsa

During the summer, I go crazy and buy a lot of mangoes! Well, who doesn’t love some good, golden Mangoes. I wish summer lasts longer just for the sake of mangoes! I love eating them as it is but I also try to include them in as many recipes as possible. Making the best use of the season.

Last week I had ordered some groceries online and my shopper bought few mangoes in place of another fruit. These were Mexican Mangoes with a slight reddish-yellow skin. Personally, this salsa is one of my favourite recipes to use up those mangoes in. These mangoes are slightly tangy and sweet. They are not too juicy and are pretty firm when we cut them up. I feel the salsa doesn’t get too mushy when we use firm mangoes. Just the way I like it 😀

Mango Salsa

But, you can use any sweet mango of your choice! Honestly, this salsa is one of my favourite summer recipes to use up mangoes in. I am so glad I got a chance to make them this winter.

How to Choose Mango for this recipe

Mango Salsa

For this recipe, I prefer using mangoes that are not too soft so that they hold their shape while cutting. If you choose very ripe, soft mangoes for this salsa, the texture will be on the mushy side. Well, it’s not wrong to have a mushy salsa. It’s just a choice!

Ingredients Used

Fresh Mango – Mango is the hero of this dish. Choose sweet mangoes for this recipe. Mexican or Indian Mangoes work best.

Bell pepper – I have used Red bell pepper in this recipe. Use the one of your choice. Bell Pepper gives a slight spice and crunchiness to this salsa.

Jalapeno – This is where the heat comes from! Deseed them to reduce spice.

Finely chopped Red Onion

Cilantro & Lime Juice

Ingredients for recipe

Why I love this Salsa

Mango Salsa is Vegan & Gluten Free.

Uses Mango. Duh. Anything to do with mangoes is my favourite.

So Beautiful, Colourful and Healthy.

Uses Fresh Ingredients with no extra frills.

Can be prepared in 15 minutes.

Perfect Party Appetizer or an Evening Snack.

Versatile Recipe. Apart from Mangoes, you can add or omit any other Ingredient.

Mango Salsa Recipe


Well, the beauty of this recipe is how versatile it is. The King of this dish is Mango. Be creative and add your choice of ingredients to make this salsa healthy and interesting.

Omit Jalapenos and add regular green chillies.

Salt & Pepper can be added. Roasted Cumin Powder also tastes good in this Salsa.

Omit cilantro & add parsley. You can just not add any of this as well.

Add in finely chopped, deseeded tomatoes. You can also add finely chopped cucumber.

Sweet corn, nuts, seeds, pomegranate, black bean, orange can also be added.

Mango salsa

The other combinations that can be created are ,

Mango & Avocado Salsa – Add finely chopped avocado in this recipe.

Mango & Pineapple Salsa – This combination gives a perfect tropical feel. tastes so good. Use finely chopped , fresh pineapple

Mango & Berries Salsa – Use your choice of berries in this recipe

This is just a small list. The options are endless. Use ingredients that you feel will suit this fresh salad recipe.

How to make Mango Salsa

Making mango salsa is very easy. Just chop the ingredients, add them to a bowl, stir and serve.


First, peel & cut your mango into chunks. You can chop them fine or into medium chunks. Then add in chopped onion, bell pepper, jalapeno, chopped cilantro and squeeze in some lime juice. That’s it!

Lemon juice squueze

Refrigerate for an hour and serve or serve them as it is. I hardly have the patience to refrigerate and wait. I just grab my share once the Salsa is ready.

Serving Suggestion

This beautiful and refreshing Salsa pairs well with any Nachos, Crackers and Chips.

You can serve it as a Salad all by itself.

Add it on the top of Tacos.

If you love Indian Khakras, just pair it up with this salsa. Tastes so good!

Of course, you can add it in your Mexican meal bowls, Quesadillas, Burrito Bowls etc.


How to store Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa tastes best when served fresh. However, if you have extras, store them in an air tight container and refrigerate for 2-3 days.


Mango Salsa
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How to make Mango Salsa

Learn how to make this simple and fresh Mango salsa. Sweet , Spicy,Slightly Tangy & absolutely delicious.
Prep Time15 mins
Total Time15 mins
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: Mexican
Keyword: Easy Mango Salsa, Fresh Mango Salsa, How to make Mango salsa, Mango salsa, Mango Salsa Recipe
Servings: 3 servings
Author: Gayathri Vijayakumar


  • 1 Ripened Mango Peeled, Pitted and Diced
  • 1 Medium Bell Pepper Finely Chopped
  • 1 Red Onion Finely Chopped
  • 1 Jalapeno Finely Chopped
  • 1/4 cup Cilantro Chopped
  • 1 small Lime Juiced


  • In a serving bowl, combine the diced mango, bell pepper, onion, cilantro and jalapeno. Drizzle with freshly squeezed lime juice.
  • Combine the Ingredients together.
  • Let it sit in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before serving or serve them straight out of the bowl.


Deseed the Jalapeno if you don’t want the salsa to be spicy. Adjust the quantity of jalapeno according to its spice level. 
Add salt, pepper powder if desired. 
Start with half the quantity of lime juice. Taste and add more. 
Refrigerate leftovers is any, in an airtight container
Alternate Ingredients and Combinations have been listed above. Do have a look.