About Me

Welcome to CakeworkOrange.

About me:
I am Gayathri, a baker by love and food enthusiast by destiny. Kitchen is my happy place and I am here to share what I love doing the most. Every action that we do is either out of love or need. In my world, it is both Love for cooking and need to innovate in my kitchen which completes my day. I feel there is nothing more satisfying than getting few words of appreciation after putting together a meal for friends and family. 

I was born and brought up in Chennai, India. I currently live in Toronto, Canada with my husband, Sairam. He was the one who taught me how to cook during our initial days of marriage in Germany. Coming from an authentic South-Indian family, I am fond of my traditional food. Innovation started in Germany, since the cities we lived in, had limited access to Indian groceries or Vegetarian food options. In this process, I had the opportunity to venture into the local cuisine and started experimenting on them with my cultural preferences.

My husband and I are avid lovers of food as we both believe food is one of the ways to explore a different culture. We love trying different cuisines and he encourages me to recreate a lot of these at home. Sai is a civilized tribe who has lived in quite some places around the world and has introduced me to a lot of interesting recipes.  Fusion food is one of his favourites as he helps me tweak the recipes that we both enjoy to better suit our taste buds. He is my biggest critic and never gives-up on me which has been one of the driving motivations for me to improve my cooking skills over the years. 

How CakeworkOrange: 
During my time in Germany, I was running a home baking business where I was trying to create an identity for myself. This name was born out of an idea suggested by my sister – Sanjana, who has been there for me in all my curves of life. The intention of choosing this name is to emphasise on my passion for baking while bringing out the luscious love I have for food. This is how my journey with the name CakeworkOrange began.

What can you find in this blog:
The one thing I learnt the most from my family is that “Sharing is Caring”. Though I had immense passion towards cooking and baking, I was always feeling that I could do more with what I can for me to be what I want.

Starting a food blog was an inspiration from my husband. By sharing my recipes here, Sai believes that you can experience the same joy as he does while eating my food. I had few reservations about my writing skills (which I still do) but finally convinced myself that the cause is much bigger than the fear. Finally, here I am writing day and night to bring the best that I know to you while hoping to learn a lot through this blog with you.

I will be sharing recipes that I churn out in my kitchen on a day-to-day basis. My aim is to keep this space as simple and interesting as possible. From traditional South Indian food to pizzas and buns , I hope to provide a variety of cuisines and recipes here. Cooking is a journey with limitless possibilities provided you have the nerve to think outside the comfort zone. Remember, every successful recipe we see today were once experimented by a curious soul that was creative, saw beyond the rules and driven by passion.

Last but not the least, you wouldn’t be reading these lines if it weren’t for my wonderful family and friends for constantly supporting, encouraging and believing in me. Thank you! I couldn’t have done any of this without you.

Now let’s bring the tear of joy from your loved ones through the recipes from my blog. I look forward to all your wonderful experience, feedback and suggestions.