These Classic, Egg-free, Homemade Bourbon Biscuits taste a lot better than store-bought biscuits. Bourbon Biscuits are delicious chocolate flavoured biscuits sandwiched between chocolate buttercream. One of my favourites for a quick and easy snack. Right from kids to adults, everyone enjoys these cookies and can be made easily at home.

Homemade Bourbon Biscuits

Bourbon biscuit is a sandwich-style biscuit consisting of two thin rectangular chocolate flavoured biscuits filled with delicious chocolate buttercream. After seeing this name, we may often think the biscuit contains Bourbon Whiskey. But in reality, this biscuit contains NO ALCOHOL.

According to Wikipedia, The biscuit was introduced in 1910 (originally under the name “Creola”) by the biscuit company n London. The Bourbon name, dating from the 1930s, comes from the former French royal House of Bourbon. A 2009 survey found that the Bourbon biscuit was the fifth most popular biscuit in the United Kingdom for dunking into tea.

How many of you have always thought Bourbon Biscuits belong to the Britannia Brand that we have grown up eating back in India? I did! Later when learning about this recipe, I understoof that it is a generic name and many Comapnies make chocolate sandwich cookies under the name BOURBON.

The small holes in bourbon biscuits are to prevent the biscuits from breaking during the baking process, by allowing steam to escape.

Why do I love these Biscuits

Right from my childhood, I have been a big fan of this biscuit. Give me a packet of this biscuit and see it vanish in no time. I love chocolate-flavoured biscuits. My love for chocolate is pretty evident in this blog. 😀
This Biscuit is a treat for chocolate lovers like me. Especially, which the sugar sprinkled on top. Who can resist this one?
Every time I go to the grocery store, the first aisle I go to is the snack section. I never fail to pick these cookies whenever I find them.

In an attempt to recreate my favourites at home, I tried making these biscuits a few years back and absolutely loved the outcome. My Bourbon Biscuits don’t have the Perfect shape of the store-bought ones. Nevertheless, they taste just as good as store-bought ones. Also, these are not the healthiest cookies out there but what’s the fun without some occasional treats? When it’s homemade, it gets much better!

To be honest, making biscuits at home with no additives or emulsifiers is good enough to call it healthy. At least you have control over what goes in!
And these cookies are not that difficult to make. So, it is worth the efforts. Try making them with your kids and I am sure they will definitely enjoy the process.

When I shared the pictures of these biscuits on Instagram a couple of months ago, I did get a lot of requests for this recipe as well. Finally, I felt it’s time to share it here on the blog because nothing beats some homemade cookies.

Ingredients Required

Step by Step Instructions

Sift dry ingredients in a bowl and keep them aside. Take room temperature butter in a bowl. Add sugar and honey to this bowl of butter. Beat them till creamy.

Add the dry ingredients to this bowl of sugar and butter. Add in milk little by little and form a dough. Wrap it with cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 180C/350F. In between 2 sheets of baking paper, roll out out the dough to a thickness of 1/8″.

Cut into an even number of shapes with a rectangle cookie cutter or use a knife to cut rectangles. Remove it carefully and arrange it in a lined baking pan. Now, prick the biscuits with a fork or skewer.

Sprinkle half of these biscuits with sugar. Bake at 350F/180C for 10-13 mins. Take them out and allow the biscuits to cool. They will get crispier as they cool down.

Now, prepare the buttercream by beating butter, sugar & cocoa powder. Beat until smooth and fluffy. Once the bourbon cookies have cooled down completely, invert one of the cookies. Apply buttercream on it using a piping bag or a knife.

Sandwich with another cookie. Homemade Bourbon Biscuits are ready. Let them sit in an air tight container for a while before you serve.

Storage Instructions

Store these delicious bourbon biscuits in an airtight container and consume them within 3 days. The buttercream may make the cookies get a little soft over a period of time but it definitely does taste really good!

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Homemade Bourbon Biscuits

These Classic, Egg-free, Homemade Bourbon Biscuits taste a lot better than store-bought biscuits. Bourbon Biscuits are delicious chocolate flavoured biscuits sandwiched between chocolate buttercream.
Prep Time20 mins
Cook Time12 mins
Resting time30 mins
Course: Cookies
Cuisine: International
Keyword: bourbon biscuits, bourbon cookies, chocolate sandwich cookies, chooclate cookies, easy chocolate cookies, homemade cookies
Servings: 25 cookies
Author: Gayathri Vijayakumar


For the Cookies

  • 100 gms Unsalted Butter at room temperature
  • 30 gms Cocoa Powder
  • 200 gms All Purpose Flour
  • 1/2 tsp Baking Soda
  • 1/4 tsp Salt
  • 1 tbsp Honey
  • 100 gms Brown Sugar
  • 3 to 4 tbsp Milk

For the Filling

  • 100 gms Unsalted Butter at room temperature
  • 150 gms Icing Sugar
  • 2 tbsp Cocoa Powder

To Sprinkle

  • 1 tbsp Granulated Sugar


  • Take butter, sugar and honey in a bowl and beat till creamy.
  • Add in flour, cocoa, baking soda, salt and mix well.
  • Add milk little by little and make a smooth dough. Refrigerate the dough for 30 mins. I used 3 & 1/2 tbsp milk.
  • Roll it between two parchment papers till it is 1/8" thick.
  • Cut into rectangles using a cookie cutter or a knife.
  • Arrange the cookies in a lined baking tray. Prick the cookies with a fork or skewer and sprinkle sugar on half of the cookies.
  • Bake the cookies for 10-13 mins. Mine got done in 12 mins. Remove them from the oven and cool them down.
  • Now beat the ingredients under "For the Filling". Stop when you get a fluffy and smooth buttercream.
  • Now, spread the filling o one side of the cookies and sandwich with another cookie. Store them in an air-tight container. Serve.


If cookies are too thick, they may not be crispy. If they are too thin, they may turn crispy and burn faster. So, make sure the cookies are neither too thick nor too thin.
Make sure to store the cookies in an air-tight container. The cookies may turn soft after a couple of days because of the buttercream. But, they will still taste good. 
The biscuits will be soft after baking. They turn crispy and firm once the cookies cool down to room temperature. So, handle with care. 
Apply the buttercream after the cookies cool down so that the buttercream doesn’t melt.