South Indian Carrot Moong Dal Salad

This salad, also known as Carrot kosambari recipe is a popular dish in South India and is often served as a side dish in meals or as a snack.

1.Healthy & Nutritious 2.Refreshing 3.Flavourful 4.Takes less time & made with simple ingredients.

Soak moong dal for an hour. Grate carrots. Drain the water from the moong dal after an hour. 

Add the moong dal, carrots, grated coconut and finely chopped green chillies to a bowl. Add salt and mix well.

Add oil to a pan. Once hot,add mustard seeds, curry leaves, red chilli. Add it to the carrot moong dal salad.  

Try this Carrot Moong Dal Salad today to ahve a refreshing addition to your meal. 

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